The Impossible Festival

Don't blame us

... blame them!

Frank Zappa, beer, Mo, au3, Zappanale, mom & dad, FTS! ©, Swedes, beerbrothers utd.,, Divan & Luigi, Gov't Mule, Ramones, Die Böslinge, Oaschpartie, Scheiss Kibarei, U.K. Subs, The VibratorsForce Attack, Dritte Wahl, Lokalmatadore, Die Kassierer, Heideroosjes, Drahdiwaberl, Lazuli, Wilde ZeitenBad Doberan, Cafe ZMolli, the cities of Vienna and Rostock and our friends over there, an up yours to the city of thiefs and a warm hello to the city of Prague and next time we will do it even better, Dweezil Zappa & Zappa Plays Zappa, Death to false positives, Manowar (which we will have to do togethere once), Villa Kunterbunt, HNP L5-S1, Swedes, Alcohol, Amstel, Jägermeister, Mexicaner, the greatest c&w band in the world, extended Dark Stars, Murderdolls, Swedes, Truckfighters, fat men with guitars, War Pigs!, Pilsner Urquell, Budweiser Budvar, Guinness, Newky Brown Ale, New York City, Beacon Theatre, St. Marks Ale House, St. Marks burger, Walkers restaurantTempest Bar, Hotel Hell, Black Dog (these guys should sue Led Zeppelin as they ripped off all their songs), Negril, rum punch, Lemmy, Spinal Tap, Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez, Mahn & Ohlerich, Red Stripe, Küstenpower, Chuck Norris, MS Stubnitz, Georg Büchner, Stefan Jantzen, Evening Star, Queen (pre '77 singalong), record fairs, Tatort, Bob Log III, The incredible Staggers, good for you, stoppelding, PleitegeierZum Alten FritzBeisl, Crocodil, espresso, cigarettes & tobbaco, scrambled eggs, grapefruit juice, chili, döner, Carl Gustaf XVII, Dr. Krise (RIP), BSHC/NÖSC, Weihnachtsmarkt, The Dude, The hills have eyes (all 4 originals), sinister/dangerous footwear, the Hasivan (cheers for the new one), MES & the Fall, ACAB, girlfriends (past & present and one ex-wife), Yacht Rock, Hollywood Steve, pfandmarken, Born Bad Festival (excusez moi), Sleaze Fest, six beers on stage, bromance, Weltrevolutionvinyl and steam powered record players, fubar, Monty Python, did we mention Swedes yet?